"Having done asana, one attains steadiness of body and mind, freedom from disease and lightness of the limbs. (Hatha yoga 1:17)"

About Arogya Yoga:

The Sanskrit defnation of Arogya is complete well being and total health of Body,mind and sprit. YOGA is scientific way to achiev Arogya.
"Mission of Arogya Yoga is to share the knowledge of yoga with a Intention to lead a person on the path of healthy living." More Details…

Styles of Yoga:

The styles of yoga we teach are for everyone.They are designed to produce physical,therputical,emotional and spiritual benefits.

We offer a varity of yoga classes like.. Power yoga, Astanga vinyasa yoga, Sivanada and one on one private and group yoga classes at your location. More Details…

Yoga Therapy:

Yoga has been practiced with a therapeutic intention as way of transforming body and Mind. yoga therapy can prevent and recovery from psychosomatic ailments such as diabetes, Back pain, Hypertation, GID, Obesity etc… Now a days Yoga Therapy is gaining among main stream medical practitioners…. More Details…

Yoga Work shops:

Yoga Work shops are conducted on different aspects of yoga. Contact us dayayoga@gmail.com or Call @ +91-9481835036